Bon Sel Dizzy Challenge

Participate in a fun challenge with your friends and family while bringing awareness
to the need of iodized salt in Haiti and supporting Bon Sel Dayiti in it's effort to provide the solution.

Step 1


Learn about Bon Sel Dayiti and it's involvement in building up Haiti,
and share it with those you challenge.


Iodine deficiency has multiple adverse effects on growth and development in animals and humans. These are collectively termed the Iodine Deficiency Disorders (IDD), and are one of the most important and common human diseases.


Lymphatic Filariasis, or more commonly known as Elephantiasis, is a disease caused by thread-like parasitic worms that attack the lymphatic system, LF is usually contracted during childhood, often before age five, but the disease manifests itself in adulthood.

Bon Sel Dayiti

As the only food-grade, iodized, and fortified salt produced in Haiti, Bon Sel Dayiti provides the solution to eliminate lymphatic filariasis and to end iodine deficiency disorder.

To truly eradicate LF and IDD, Bon Sel Dayiti has to be a continual project. Bon Sel Dayiti was built with the ultimate goal of being a self-sustaining and self-financing project, to give Haiti the tools, resources, and abilities to fortify their salt.

Step 2

Spin 11x

Why eleven times?

Well, Sodium (Na) has an atomic number of 11 on the periodic table. So naturally, we chose that to be the magic number.

Step 3

Do it Dizzy

What are you doing?

Perform an activity that would otherwise come easy to you if you weren’t so dizzy. For example, you can shoot a basketball or draw a picture.

If you mess up, no need to spin again, try to get back up and complete your task.


Do anything dangerous to your or anyone else’s well-being, please.

Step 4


Who can match you?

See if your friends can do it better. For instance, if you juggle 3 balls, challenge another juggler friend to juggle 4!

Who can put their own "spin" on it?

If you know talented people across different mediums, challenge them to do what they do well… but dizzy.

Step 5


Post It

Let the world know and invite them to join in. Even share what you've learned to raise awareness.

Link Us

Include the link to our website to donate and help eliminate lymphatic filariasis and iodine deficiency disorder by 2020.